What do you do when you need a break?

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What happens when you are writing and you need a break? Do you take the dogs for a walk or walk to your kitchen for a hot cup of coffee or tea?

If it is sunny out, I find myself taking my coffee or tea out onto the back deck where I can absorb some natural vitamin D. It refreshes and clears my mind so I can get back to writing. If it’s rainy, I still go for the coffee or tea and play a few games of solitaire on the computer.

So tell me, what do you do when you need a break from your writing?




If you could write from anywhere in the world, where would that be?

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Would you write from a chaise lounge on a beautiful Caribbean beach or perhaps from an Adirondack chair high in the Rocky Mountains?

Me, I would write from a chaise in The Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Why Egypt? I’ve always been fascinated by Egyptian history. It would be great to be surrounded by the many Pharaoh’s and their queens while I wrote. The Adirondack chair in the Rockies would be a very close second though.

So, where would you love to write from?


What inspires your characters?

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Is it someone you know? Maybe you use their eye or hair color. Perhaps their job or hobby.

I’ve been known to use hockey players as a model for a male character’s appearance, especially the one with the amazing light blue-green eyes. I’ve used a woman I passed in the store for the main character in the first story I wrote. Her height, body-build and hair color just clicked and a character’s appearance was born.

I’ve also used movie character’s attitude who seemed perfect for one of mine.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, I’ve come to realize.

So what inspires your character’s attitude, appearances or profession?


What inspires you?

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Do you get your ideas for your stories from a movie? A documentary? Someone got me thinking about what inspired the two novels that I completed.

The first was my stint as a jewelry salesperson and a map. Yes, a salesperson and a map. The second was inspired by a painting. A painting by Luis Royo. Three completely different things inspired two stories. The gems and maps were my first novel, a suspense. The picture inspired my paranormal due out in November.

So tell me, what inspires you to write your stories, create your characters?


Thanks to all.

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I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in my blog on Thursday the 23rd. Excellent advice was given as well as experiences in the writing industry.

My hope is that my blog helped aspiring authors get a better understanding of the world of writing.

Thank you all again.


Good morning. Welcome to my blog.

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Today’s topics will be geared toward aspiring authors. If you are writing your first story or if you have ideas for one then this blog will offer a peek into the writing and publishing industries.

Authors and editors will be offering helpful cheat sheets or commenting on the different aspects of writing and publishing. Guest bloggers include editors Lee Morris and Zaynah Monodee from Eirelander Publishing. Also blogging are writers J. Hali Steele on critiquing, Jan D. Holiday on self-publishing, Becca Sheridan-Furrow on writing as part of a series bible and Dara England on being a newly published writer.

If you are a published author, please feel free to blog about your writing and publishing experiences or offer words of advice.


Aspiring and Published Authors

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I am inviting aspiring and published authors to join me on Thurdsay from 10:00 AM at lienaferror.wordpress.com. Authors and editors will be blogging as we explore the world of writing from putting pen to paper to publishing. Information will be provided by Lee Morris, Zaynah Monodee, J. Hali Steele, Jan D. Holiday, Dara England and Becca Sheridan-Furrow. Feel free to come and comment if you are published or unpublished.