You’re about to start a new project.

You’ve finished your latest wip, completed your synopsis and query letter if necessary and submitted to publishers, and now it’s time to start your next project.

What tools do you use? Perhaps character profile sheets or a chapter outline. Maybe you have notes jotted down in a notebook and always at the ready.

I found using a character profile for getting my characters into character so to speak combined with jotting notes in my notebook have been extremely helpful in my completing my wip. It helps me to keep on a general timeline for my story. Sometimes I stray but I always have the notebook and character profile to return to.

Do you have a trick of the trade to share on how you prepare for your latest project?



3 Responses to “You’re about to start a new project.”

  1. Once I get a story idea, I do a synopsis or outline which gives me my beginning, middle and end. Of course, it’s harder to follow when the characters began to evolve. LOL However, it is there to refer back to and it generally keeps me in line.

  2. I always have to name my characters, then come up with discriptions of them, and then I do character profiles. The idea for the story actually comes first. Smile.

  3. I’ll usually find a name and occupation for them, which gives me a starting point for how to have them interact. Then I think of a worthy plot, and I allow myself to daydream it all. That’s how I get my working story and outline, which I then follow at real writing time.



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