Do you write multiple works at once or one at a time?

If you get struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration in the middle of your current work in progress, do you save your current work and start another wip with your new idea or just jot the notes and start later?

I, personally, only work one wip at a time. If an idea hits me, I write it in a notebook and mark it with a post-it for future use. I find I can concentrate on one much better than two. Sure, ideas may be swirling around my mind for the next book but I keep plugging away at my current wip.

So tell me, how do you work it? Do you write multiple works or just one at a time?



6 Responses to “Do you write multiple works at once or one at a time?”

  1. Case in point. I’m working on a historical novel. Last week, I was gripped by an idea that demanded immediate attention. So, I wrote it in 4 days. Now, I’m back to the original WIP. Sometimes it’s like that.

    Others, I work on another story because I need a break from a bigger work. 🙂 It allows my mind to re-focus on the original piece. But that’s me.

  2. I often set aside one story to dabble with another. Sometimes a piece I’m working on may become too consuming and to step back from it and return later seems to work for me.

    So I do have multiple WIPs going at one time.

  3. I tend to plug away until it’s done. I work full time, so the precious minutes I get to write have got to be directed. When an idea hits (seems to always happen when I’m in the truck and can’t jot it down) I’ll make note of it for later use.

  4. Liena,

    Great question.

    My mind is not capable of working on more than one work in progress at a time. lol

    However, I’ll jot ideas down. Sometimes I can even use them in the wip. Grin.

  5. Good question, Liena!

    I always stick to working one WIP at a time, and by working, I mean the actual writing. I may lose the voice/tone/chaarcetrization feel if I dabble into something else, so if something is really pressing me for attention, I jot it down in its respective folder and I know I’ll come back to it when I finish the current WIP.

    I may however be planning another WIP at the same time I’m writing one, but this will just be broad notes and not actual writing.


  6. Hi Liena!

    Great post!

    I tend to stick to one at a time, so far. However, I have gone back and forth between revising one book while working on the first draft of another.

    If I get an idea for another book, like many others, I tend to just jot down the ideas with plans to revisit the concept later.

    I have a friend though who often juggles three! She works on her paranormal series, her suspense sequel, and the edits of her latest upcoming release. Wow! Someday, I hope to get to the point. *smile*

    Chiron O’Keefe
    The Write Soul:

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