Would you turn down reading a book out of your chosen genre of reading/writing?

Would you refuse to read a action/adventure novel if you were a hardcore romance reader/writer?

Romance has always been my favorite genre and was a natural choice for writing but I love a good action/adventure book. Clive Cussler captured my imagination from the early 1990’s on. I still love his books to this day.

I know somebody, though, who won’t read anything that isn’t a romance. She sticks strickly to that genre and nothing else. She tells me the other books don’t hold her interest long enough to read. Okay, that’s a good reason. I’ve read books that haven’t held my interest long enough to finish.

So which side to you fall on? Do you read outside of your favorite genre or stick with what makes you comfortable?



9 Responses to “Would you turn down reading a book out of your chosen genre of reading/writing?”

  1. Great question, Liena. I grew up reading Ayn Rand, Taylor Caldwell and John Steinbeck. When I discovered paranormal romance books I sort of left them behind. Lately, due to one particular author (whom we’ll leave unnamed! – oh all right Sandra Sookoo) has turned me back toward contemporary romance and I’ve even enjoyed an historical. Shocked myself. I’m determined not to ‘close’ myself off again from reading a good book – no matter the genre.

    Nice post!

  2. sandrasookoo Says:

    LOL That was unexpected Joann! LOL I never close myself off from a genre, but I will stay clear of menage situations. Makes me nervous LOL Okay, I don’t read Westerns. Annoys me, and I try not to read Sci-fi. I’m too nitpicky and usually pick apart plots and scenes, especially when I watch such things with my hubby. Then he boots me from the room. But hey, if it doesn’t make sense, I’m gonna question it LOL

    I’ve found that one genre leads to another in a flow. I used to read strictly historicals but then they got boring and all the same so I moved to mysteries which got me interested in paranormal, which lead to chick-lit which sent me back to mysteries then back to historicals, and now I write a blended genre sort of LOL And it improves your mind too 🙂

    My point? I don’t have one. Just love reading and writing. Mostly writing, but I read every chance I get 🙂

    Okay, gotta go back into the converting cave. 40 pages left to convert on this paranormal then I can finish! Woohoo!

  3. I like to read good books that have good writing and exciting plots. So, while I prefer a good romance, and do indeed miss the romance in books that don’t contain any, it certainly doesn’t stip me from buying and reading other things.
    Great post!


  4. Liena,

    I read lots of different types of books, but I had never read sci-fi or fantasy. When I did I was surprised at how well they were written. Also, I wouldn’t read an erotica for anything, but when I finally did I was astonished at how good they were.

    The only thing I won’t read is horror, and that’s because I’m a true scaredy-cat. lol

  5. Great question and for me it’s a no-brainer. Any genre, every genre, magazine and news. Throw it at me and I’ll take it for a whirl. Then again, I love reading Shakespear.

  6. Hey Liena!

    Like J, I was a huge Taylor Caldwell fan and read Ayn Rand’s books repeatedly. I tend to be pretty eclectic as a reader though strangely enough, I’m not as drawn to the strict romance genre. Go figure!

    Heinlein was an early fave and I’ve read his complete catalogue too many times! One person told me they were surprised to hear a ‘chick’ liked the grand master of Sci-Fi which took me by surprise. I’ve read everything from Herman Hesse to Piers Anthony, although there’s so many books to read how could I keep up? *laughs*

    I have yet to read a western though I did just finish Linda LaRoques Time-travel western historical romance, does that count? *scratches head*

    If a book is good I’ll read it, though like Sandra, I’m easily spooked so tend to avoid horror or anything too graphic. No detailed autopsies, puh-lease!

    Great post, Liena!!

    Chiron O’Keefe
    The Write Soul: http://www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com

  7. Hey Liena

    Sorry this is so late. I’m like T.J. – Gimme anything readable anytime, and you can prolly bet I’ll read it. Books, non-fiction, Reader’s Digest, magazines, newspapers. That being said, I find it hard to get drawn in a detective story, though I love watching them on TV, but in book form, not really. Sidney Sheldon has captured my attention, but I think that’s more his voice than anything else that did the trick. I’ve also read Ludlum and though the amount of detail was staggering, it was captivating.

    On the whole, I have a tendency to stay away from male writers. I dunno, it seems to lack feeling for me. Sheldon could write a top heroine and immerse you in her world, and Ludlum can do it for either sex, Grisham as well. But I’ve picked books by male writers who seemed to have an interesting blurb but the writing was dry as dust to me.

    I’ll admit my favourite genre is romance, followed closely by chicki-lit. Things I really steer clear of are horror and sci-fi, too scared for the first (lol!), and too technical the second. Oh yeah too, hard-core literature, the kind that wins the Booker Prize and the likes, not my cup of tea at all. Too gritty and intent on showing you the utter realism of life, even stripping it of its humanity at times.

    Great question, btw!



  8. Hey Liena

    Sorry this is late. Penned you a reply but it went poof into cyberspace!

    One thing I cannot read is detective fiction. I love watching it on TV but cannot get into it in book form, dunno why. I have read some Sidney Sheldon around those lines, but it’s mostly Sheldon’s voice that grabs me, not his plot.

    Otherwise, I usually steer clear of male writers. Their writing often seems dry as dust for me, lacking emotion, all action and no humanity. Sheldon could pen terrific human characters though. I’ve also been captivated by Ludlum (staggering amount of detail but worth it!). I tried reading Grisham but never could finish his book.

    I’ll admit my fave is romance followed closely by chick-lit. That being said, I do read just about everything else. Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, news, Reader’s Digest. Read Stephen King even it it had me cowering in my shoes (lol). But another thing I cannot stomach and never read is hard-core literature, the kind that wins the Nobel Prize or the Booker. Too gritty and intent on realism, at times even stripping the emotion and the humanity in their effort to go the the edge of reality.

    Hope it makes it in this time! Great question, btw!



  9. Patsy Hagen Says:

    I really don’t know what my chosen genre of reading is. I like paranormal, but I also like romance, educational, biography and everything in-between.

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