If you could write from anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Would you write from a chaise lounge on a beautiful Caribbean beach or perhaps from an Adirondack chair high in the Rocky Mountains?

Me, I would write from a chaise in The Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Why Egypt? I’ve always been fascinated by Egyptian history. It would be great to be surrounded by the many Pharaoh’s and their queens while I wrote. The Adirondack chair in the Rockies would be a very close second though.

So, where would you love to write from?



5 Responses to “If you could write from anywhere in the world, where would that be?”

  1. sandrasookoo Says:

    For me, I can write anywhere. 🙂 Not matter how inspiring the landscape, it always seems to take a back seat to the action or drama on my computer screen. 🙂 But one of my favorite places is the open air porch at my sister’s house in Wisconsin.

  2. The sprawling, wild animal filled, Serengeti Plains of Africa – watching the big cats, of course! No people or towns for miles and miles. The cooler filled with my favorite beverage *grin*, a case of red hot chips, my laptop and I’m good to go.

    Lynn, another great post. You always make me forget reality for a little bit – thanks!

  3. Well, Lynn, no way in hell would I pick Egypt. Women are second class citizens, and if you’re as independent as I am you would be in trouble in short order.

    To give you an example: When I was in Egypt staying at the Sheraton Hotel, I went to the bank at the hotel to change my American money to Egyptian money, and those men just walked right around me in line as if I weren’t there. I finally went up to the cashier, and said I had been there a lot longer than the man in front of me. The cashier, a man, said, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait.” I told him, “I want to speak to your manager.”
    He finally waited on me, but he was very snotty. Of course, I hadn’t really been too nice either. lol There’s no place for you to stay at The Valley of the Kings. It’s just a day trip.

    I would like to spend my time on the beach in the Caribbean in the winter time and in the Rockies during the summer. I would love to be on a cargo ship in a suite, where I could get off at every stop. lol

  4. Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) Says:

    Hey Lynn

    My absolute favourite place would be in a wrought-iron gazebo in a beautiful English country garden in the full of summer. Nothing beats the peace and the tranquility for me.

    I would also have said the beach, but beware the mosquitoes then and also the fact that bright summer sun makes a laptop screen hell to look at!

    But after a while, when I get into ‘the zone’, I forget completely where I am and how much time has elapsed, so the setting isn’t that vital for me. The English garden would still count as my dream place for writing though. 🙂



  5. Great post, Liena!

    Since my office window looks out to my very green and lush front yard, I’m already feeling ahead of the game! But to make it Perfect, I would be gazing out on a gorgeous lake. Being in the mountains near a lake would be absolutely perfect for me.


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