What inspires you?

Do you get your ideas for your stories from a movie? A documentary? Someone got me thinking about what inspired the two novels that I completed.

The first was my stint as a jewelry salesperson and a map. Yes, a salesperson and a map. The second was inspired by a painting. A painting by Luis Royo. Three completely different things inspired two stories. The gems and maps were my first novel, a suspense. The picture inspired my paranormal due out in November.

So tell me, what inspires you to write your stories, create your characters?



4 Responses to “What inspires you?”

  1. I was inspired by a TV series I simply loved – Beauty and the Beast – I didn’t feel he had a good heroine. LOL. Plus, I’m a sucker for cats!

  2. Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) Says:

    It depends a lot for me. My first story, The Other Side, had a heroine who was an Indo-Mauritian divorcee. The plight of the divorcee in this society inspired me to write her story. What I thought would be a single novel turned into a 3-book series, as that heroine had 2 younger sisters, and each one faced a particular stand/issue in today’s Indian-culture/diaspora society. The heroine in Light My World, for example, faces the dilemma of going the established arranged marriage route or break free and find love herself.
    For my other story Storms in a Shot Glass, the idea was inspired by the very title, which came about in a chat with my mentor. It got me thinking – who’s life resembled a shot glass and what would it take to bring a storm in there? Turns out the very plain and quiet heroine falls unexpectedly pregnant and then a gorgeous tycoon steps into her carefully built little world. Put the two happenings together and you get storms in the shot glass of her life.
    For characters, I usually work with pictures of actors/models, and the look of a person often inspires me as to what kind of character he/she could portray.
    That’s it for the ramble!

  3. lienaferror Says:

    Interesting how we’re inspired to write our novels!

    The inspiration for SIDEKICKS sprang from my love of the romantic comedies of the 30’s & 40’s. The snappy banter, crazy antics and screwball families.

    My current novel comes out of my own background as an astrologer, tarot reader, and all around mystic. *grin* A psychic suspense, which is quite a change from my last three novels.

    Great post, Liena!

    Chiron O’Keefe

  4. Riverboat gambling casinos moved into our area and inspired my idea for a story. After I researched by working at one of them for nine months, I developed a trilogy.


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